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Slain1, a recently described gene whose function is still unknown, is first expressed in the epiblast and nervous system of the developing mouse embryo. As shown in these X-gal stained Slain1-βgeo mouse embryos from E9.5 to E13.5, whilst strong neural expression persists, additional sites of expression in the branchial arches, gut and condensing limb mesenchyme appear in mid gestation. These observations suggest a broad role for Slain1 in the morphogenesis of embryonic structures derived from ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm germ layers. For more information, see article by Hirst et al. pp. 1383-1388, in the current issue.



Zebrafish epiboly: mechanics and mechanisms

Stephanie E. Lepage and Ashley E.E. Bruce

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1213-1228

Fatty acid binding proteins in brain development and disease

Rong-Zong Liu, Raja Mita, Michael Beaulieu, Zhihua Gao and Roseline Godbout

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1229-1239

Original Articles


Leg regeneration in Drosophila abridges the normal developmental program

Manel Bosch, Sarah-Anne Bishop, Jaume Baguña and Juan-Pablo Couso

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Drosophila castor is regulated negatively by the Ubx and abdA genes, but positively by the AbdB gene

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Early embryonic lethality in gene trap mice with disruption of the Arfgef2 gene

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The expression of Stra6 and Rdh10 in the avian embryo and their contribution to the generation of retinoid signatures

Susan Reijntjes, Maija H. Zile and Malcolm Maden

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1267-1275

Complement component C3 functions as an embryotrophic factor in early postimplantation rat embryos

Makoto Usami, Katsuyoshi Mitsunaga, Atsuko Miyajima, Momoko Sunouchi and Osamu Doi

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Induction of neural crest cells from mouse embryonic stem cells in a serum-free monolayer culture

Yuko Aihara, Yohei Hayashi, Mitsuhi Hirata, Nobutaka Ariki, Shinsuke Shibata, Narihito Nagoshi, Mio Nakanishi, Kiyoshi Ohnuma, Masaki Warashina, Tatsuo Michiue, Hideho Uchiyama, Hideyuki Okano, Makoto Asashima and Miho Kusuda Furue

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Neurogenic differentiation of human conjunctiva mesenchymal stem cells on a nanofibrous scaffold

Masoud Soleimani, Samad Nadri, Iman Shabani

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Short Communications


Synergy between two transcription factors directs gene expression in Dictyostelium tip-organiser cells

Hong Yu Wang and Jeffrey G. Williams

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1301-1307

Drosophila Pelle phosphorylates Dichaete protein andinfluences its subcellular distribution in developing oocytes

Mousumi Mutsuddi, Ashim Mukherjee, Baohe Shen, James L. Manley and John R. Nambu

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1309-1315


Development of the posterior lateral line system in Thunnus thynnus, the atlantic blue-fin tuna, and in its close relative Sarda sarda

Alain Ghysen, Kevin Schuster, Denis Coves, Fernando de la Gandara, Nikos Papandroulakis and Aurelio Ortega

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Active loss of DNA methylation in two-cell stage goat embryos

Jung S. Park, Doosoo Lee, Sunwha Cho, Sang-Tae Shin and Yong-Kook Kang

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Role of TGF beta and myofibroblasts in supporting the propagation of human embryonic stem cells in vitro

Neeraj Kumar, Prasad Pethe and Deepa Bhartiya

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Developmental Expression Patterns

HSP90 expression in two migratory cell types during ascidian development: test cells deposit HSP90 on the larval tunic

Cory D. Bishop, Brian K. Hall and William R. Bates

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1337-1346

Characterization of the 38 kDa protein lacking in gastrula-arrested mutant Xenopus embryos

Tetsuya S. Tanaka, Fumiko Nishiumi, Tohru Komiya and Kohji Ikenishi

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1347-1353

Developmental expression of Xenopus short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3

Richard K.T. Kam, Yonglong Chen, Sun-On Chan, Wood-Yee Chan, Igor B. Dawid and Hui Zhao

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1355-1360


The lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) and sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor gene families: cloning and comparative expression analysis in Xenopus laevis

Karine Massé, Jun-ichi Kyuno, Surinder Bhamra and Elizabeth A. Jones

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1361-1374

Vestigial like gene family expression in Xenopus: common and divergent features with other vertebrates

Corinne Faucheux, François Naye, Karine Tréguer, Sandrine Fédou, Pierre Thiébaud and Nadine Thézé

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1375-1382

Expression from a betageo gene trap in the Slain1 gene locus is predominantly associated with the developing nervous system

Claire E. Hirst, Sue-Mei Lim, Lloyd A. Pereira, Robyn A. Mayberry, Edouard G. Stanley and Andrew G. Elefanty

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1383-1388

Expression of DOF genes identifies early stages of vascular development in Arabidopsis leaves

Jason Gardiner, Ira Sherr and Enrico Scarpella

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (2010) 54: 1389-1396