The International Journal of Developmental Biology

Volume 40 > Issue 4 (Special Issue)

Cover Vol. 40 N. 4

Developmental Biology of Urodeles

Edited by: George Malacinski and Susan T. Duhon

Developmental biology of Urodeles.

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 613-916


What are the key advantages and disadvantages of urodele species compared to anurans as a model system for experimental analysis of early development?

P D Nieuwkoop

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 617-619

Urodele limb and tail regeneration in early biological thought: an essay on scientific controversy and social change.

C E Dinsmore

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 621-627

How did urodele embryos come into prominence as a model system?

J C Beetschen

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 629-636

Embryonic Patterning

Unusual features of the urodele genome: do they have a role in evolution and development?

R Vignali and I Nardi

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 637-643

What role might lampbrush chromosomes play in maternal gene expression?

N Angelier, M Penrad-Mobayed, B Billoud, M L Bonnanfant-Jaïs and P Coumailleau

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 645-652

Primordial germ cell development: is the urodele pattern closer to mammals than to anurans?

M Wakahara

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 653-659

Morphogenesis and diferentiation

Surface contraction and expansion waves correlated with differentiation in axolotl embryos. II. In contrast to urodeles, the anuran Xenopus laevis does not show furrowing surface contraction waves.

P D Nieuwkoop, N K Björklund and R Gordon

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 661-664

What mechanisms control neoteny and regulate induced metamorphosis in urodeles?

P Rosenkilde and A P Ussing

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 665-673

What mechanisms drive cell migration and cell interactions in Pleurodeles?

J C Boucaut, L Clavilier, T Darribère, M Delarue, J F Riou and D L Shi

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 675-683

What insights into vertebrate pigmentation has the axolotl model system provided?

S K Frost-Mason and K A Mason

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 685-693

What insights into the phenomena of cell fate determination and cell migration has the study of the urodele neural crest provided?

H H Epperlein and J Löfberg

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 695-707

Morphogenesis of the axolotl pronephric duct: a model system for the study of cell migration in vivo.

J Drawbridge and M S Steinberg

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 709-713

Activin treated urodele ectoderm: a model experimental system for cardiogenesis.

T Ariizumi, S Komazaki, M Asashima and G M Malacinski

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 715-718

Heart development and regeneration in urodeles.

A W Neff, A E Dent and J B Armstrong

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 719-725

Pattern formation in the urodele mechanoreceptive lateral line: what features can be exploited for the study of development and evolution?

S C Smith

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 727-733


Developmental neurobiology of the anterior areas in amphibians: urodele perspectives.

G W Eagleson

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 735-743

What mechanisms drive neural induction and neural determination in urodeles?

A M Duprat

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 745-754

Lens induction in axolotls: comparison with inductive signaling mechanisms in Xenopus laevis.

M D Servetnick, T L Cook and R M Grainger

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 755-761

How does the urodele ear develop?

B Fritzsch

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 763-771

Pattern regulation

A conceptual framework for analyzing axial patterning in regenerating urodele limbs.

D L Stocum

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 773-783

The cellular basis of limb regeneration in urodeles.

A L Mescher

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 785-795

Molecular mechanisms in the control of limb regeneration: the role of homeobox genes.

D M Gardiner and S V Bryant

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 797-805

Re-examining jaw regeneration in urodeles: what have we learnt?

P Ferretti

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 807-811

Can insights into urodele limb regeneration be achieved with cell cultures and retroviruses?

P A Tsonis, K Del Rio-Tsonis, J L Wallace, J C Burns, M C Hofmann, J L Millan and C H Washabaugh

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 813-816

Is retinoic acid an endogenous ligand during urodele limb regeneration?

C M Viviano and J P Brockes

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 817-822

Spinal cord regeneration: a phenomenon unique to urodeles?

E A Chernoff

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 823-831

Mechanisms of retina regeneration in urodeles.

V I Mitashov

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 833-844

Development and evolution

Evolutionary patterns in ontogenetic transformation: from laws to regularities.

P Alberch and M J Blanco

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 845-858

Direct development in the lungless salamanders: what are the consequences for developmental biology, evolution and phylogenesis?

D B Wake and J Hanken

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 859-869

Salamander pigment patterns: how can they be used to study developmental mechanisms and their evolutionary transformation?

D M Parichy

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 871-884

What insights into the developmental traits of urodeles does the study of interspecific hybrids provide?

S R Voss and H B Shaffer

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 885-893

Urodeles in the classroom

Axolotls in the second grade.

V Coppedge

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 895-896

A laboratory classroom exercise: cell migration in cutaneous wound healing and pigmentary pattern formation in the red-spotted newt.

R A Zaccaria

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 897-899

Urodele (e.g., axolotl) embryos in the undergraduate laboratory class: an essay describing a multifaceted learning experience.

G M Malacinski and H M Chung

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 901-905

Practical methods for urodele research

A method for the isolation and culture of embryonic cardiomyocytes from Mexican axolotl.

R W Zajdel, Y Zhu, M E Fransen and L F Lemanski

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 907-908

Treatment of axolotls with retinoids for limb regeneration studies.

S R Scadding

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 909-910

Techniques for obtaining and raising plethodontid salamander eggs.

E L Jockusch

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 911-912

How to observe surface contraction waves on axolotl embryos.

R Gordon and N K Björklund

Int. J. Dev. Biol. (1996) 40: 913-914