The International Journal of Developmental Biology

Int. J. Dev. Biol. 49: 117 - 124 (2005)

Vol 49, Issue 2-3

Special Issue: The Nogent Institute

Brain switching: studying evolutionary behavioral changes in the context of individual brain development

Published: 1 May 2005

Evan Balaban*

Behavioral Neuroscience Program, McGill University, Montreal, Canada


Working together at Nogent, Marie-Aimee Teillet, Nicole Le Douarin and the author successfully developed an extension of the quail-chick transplant technique for relating species brain cell differences to behavioral differences. This article reviews the application of the technique to species differences in motor behavior (crowing) and auditory perceptual preferences. Interspecies brain transplants provide a unique means for elucidating general cellular mechanisms which integrate evolutionary and individual experience during the development of complex brain circuitry.


brain transplant, chimera, predisposition, vocalization, auditory perception

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