The International Journal of Developmental Biology

Int. J. Dev. Biol. 65: 83 - 91 (2021)

Vol 65, Issue 1-2-3

Special Issue: Developmental Biology in Ibero-America - Part 1

20 years of the “Practical Course in Developmental Biology” in Latin America: from Santiago to Quintay, via Juquehy, Buenos Aires and Montevideo

Published: 5 August 2020

Roberto Mayor*

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University College London, London, UK


There is growing demand for learning developmental biology in Latin America and a need for advanced students to interact with world leaders of this discipline. This article summarizes some of the efforts that Latin America is making to satisfy the demand in training young Latin American minds for the developmental biology of the future. I focus on a particular course that has been linked to the origins of the Latin America Society of Developmental Biology (LASDB). I describe the motivations to start organizing this course twenty years ago, its history and setbacks. We tracked back the current situation of former students to find out that more than 90% are still doing developmental biology all across the globe. I describe the state of affairs of the Course in its current location in the CIMARQ campus of the Universidad Andres Bello (UNAB), in a place called Quintay on the Chilean coast and I ask about its future.


Latin America course, developmental biology, Quintay, Chile, teaching, UNAB

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