The International Journal of Developmental Biology

Int. J. Dev. Biol. 53: 1245 - 1252 (2009)

Vol 53, Issue 8-9-10

Special Issue: Developmental Biology in Hispania (Spain & Portugal)

The teaching of Developmental Biology in Spain: future challenges

Essay | Published: 11 November 2009

Manuel Marí-Beffa*

Department of Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology, Faculty of Science, University of Málaga and CIBER-BBN, Málaga, Spain


Developmental biology and/or embryology prospectuses in Spanish universities are reviewed. From old masterly classes to virtual teaching, a variety of methods are being used nowadays to teach these subjects. In a country like Spain, adapting to the European Higher Education Space, old and new teaching methods are educational alternatives in a university model which respects both tradition and modernity. In this report, consensus guidelines, concluded from this general survey, are suggested for teachers to ensure future progress.


teaching, embryology course, biology curriculum, medicine curriculum, veterinary curriculum

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