The International Journal of Developmental Biology

Int. J. Dev. Biol. 54: 913 - 918 (2010)

Vol 54, Issue 5

A Sox5 gene is expressed in the myogenic lineage during trout embryonic development

Developmental Expression Pattern | Published: 16 March 2010

Pierre-Yves Rescan* and Cecile Ralliere

INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research), Joint Research Unit for Fish Physiology, Biodiversity and the Environment, INRA Scribe, Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes, France


Sox proteins form a family of transcription factors characterized by the presence of a DNA-binding domain called the high-mobility-group domain (HMG). The presence of a large number of potential Sox5 binding sites in the trout promoter of Pax7, a gene which has emerged as an important regulator of neural and somite development, prompted us to clone trout Sox5 and to examine its expression pattern in the developing trout embryo. Using whole mount in situ hybridisation, we show here that the Sox5 transcript is first expressed before segmentation in the whole presomitic mesoderm. In newly formed somites, Sox5 labelling was observed in myogenic progenitor cells of the posterior and anterior walls. As the somite matured rostrocaudally, Sox5 expression disappeared from the differentiating embryonic myotome, deep in the somite, to become restricted to the undifferentiated myogenic precursors forming the dermomyotome-like epithelium at the surface of the embryonic myotome. Sox5 was also expressed in the developing nervous system and in pectoral fin buds. On the whole, this work suggests a hitherto unappreciated role for Sox5 in regulating myogenic cells destined to muscle formation and growth.


Sox5, somite, myotome, external cell layer, dermomyotome, teleost

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